As a trading company we buy and sell raw materials for the paper industry. We deal with both primary fibres (pulp), as well as with secondary fibres (waste paper). Our work is based on maintaining a sustainable forestry and timber industry. From trees to the raw material wood, from pulp to everyday products and on to recycling – this is the “world” in which we do business.

Our products range from waste pulp to paper through to special paper grades. We take on the disposal of new paper as a branch line, second choice, scrap and regular production for export. Pulp or waste paper, a lorry load of up to several thousand tons – the amount and the grade is always based on your needs. Our global network helps us meet many customer requests in a short timeframe.



In addition to pure drop shipping, we also temporarily store our raw materials in our port storage facilities in Germany. We would be happy to take care of the entire settlement and administration for you, including financing. Our suppliers are reputable companies from the wood and paper industry. We have been working in a close partnership with several of them for decades now.


Our strengths can be summed up in one sentence: We find solutions! Thanks to our decades of experience in the paper industry, and a dense network of suppliers, we strike just the right balance between supply and demand – even in a difficult market situation. We do things a bit faster than others; and above all, we are passionate about everything we do.

We know that trading paper is a “people’s business”, so we take care to maintain close and friendly relations with our trading partners. Our customers benefit from a network that can provide raw materials reliably and quickly, since the capacity to react quickly to demands is a key competitive factor in the paper industry.

We are known for our ability to deliver, thanks to our suitable storage facilities in strategic locations throughout Germany and Switzerland. Logistics service providers that we have first put through their paces bring you the goods in the fastest way possible. We ensure that raw materials are delivered just-in-time and will also finance projects on request. Feel free to contact us.

Our customers are facing ever greater challenges: projects often have to be implemented in the blink of an eye today. Availability of raw materials, quality and delivery routes must be checked, planned and implemented more quickly. One weak element in the chain is enough to compromise the entire project. We accept these challenges and provide comprehensive solutions for individual problems.

A highly motivated team familiar with the market, the industry and its players ensures that even complex projects are completed safely and reliably. Our customers have been relying on us for years, because they know that we give our utmost to come up with the best solution for them. Our energy is always focused on a single goal: your success. That’s what we stand for.

Michael Gieseler
Michael Gieseler, Managing Director

Michael Gieseler comes from a family with a longstanding tradition in the wood industry. What sets him apart? The trade expert stays on top of things even under heavy pressure. In short: he has things firmly under control.

Fahrettin Güzel
Fahrettin Güzel, Purchase and Sales

Fahrettin Güzel is an educated merchant in wholesale and foreign trade. With over 30 years experience in the pulp and paper business he manages the purchase and sales of salvage sales.

Sarah Gajewski
Sarah Gajewski, Logistics

As a logistic economist (VWA) and graduate in business administration Sarah Gajewski coordinates seamless processing in the field of logistics and settlement. She also provides support for Mr. Gieseler in sales and purchasing and is the person responsible for FSC®.

Heike Knaut
Heike Knaut, Finances

Heike Knaut keeps track of the numbers, as she is responsible for financial management with us. She liaises with the banks, keeps the accounts tidy and has a knack for quickly solving problems.