Paper, as we know it today, was invented more than 2,000 years ago in China. The Chinese first made paper from bamboo and, much later in Europe, textiles such as linen were used as raw materials. It was only with the onset of industrialisation and the growing demand for paper that wood became the most important raw material in manufacturing paper.

Two fundamentally different ways of using wood were developed in the 19th century: groundwood pulp and cellulose pulp. Groundwood pulp (a woody fibre) is generated mechanically by shredding. Cellulose pulp (a wood-free fibre) is obtained by the chemical processing of fibres. What matters here is that two different products are formed. Cellulose pulp thus usually has a high tensile and supple aspect. Depending on the paper, either only one of the fibres or both fibres are used.

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Not all paper is the same – that is something we can feel every day. The requirements for a courier delivery envelope are different from those for a moving box or tissue paper. We have been trading on this market for many years now and can supply any fibre the paper industry demands.


Wood is both the reason for the existence and for the destruction of our forests. While the use of wood and a close-to-nature forest management ensures the continued existence of forests in Europe and North America, it is precisely this use of wood that is causing their destruction in many parts of the Third World.

Profor Trading works exclusively with pulp from sustainable forest management, in which the volume of wood harvested is limited to what can grow back again. This includes taking a gentle way with nature while keeping our responsibility for future generations in mind.

For we believe that the long-term use of nature by humans is feasible only through the reasonable use of all natural resources. The cultivation of wood should therefore be focused on stability and continuity.

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The long-awaited package, the quick coffee “to go” in the city or the precious box from the boutique in the shopping centre: our raw materials can be found again in refined and processed form in countless everyday items. For they have a task: ensuring that our modern way of life works.

There is a growing demand for raw materials. According to the “Pro Recycling Paper Initiative”, paper consumption in Germany is more than twelve times was it was in 1950. We respond to these challenges to take care of the demand for more raw materials with environmentally friendly solutions. We make customer proximity, flexibility and a knack for coming up with solutions the basis for a sustainable, successful partnership. Take our word for it.