PROFOR Trading offers comprehensive solutions for your complete logistics service. Besides transport by road or rail, we also offer the storage or temporary storage of, for example, customer-owned raw materials. We provide port storage facilities for pulp at strategic locations such as Hamburg, Lübeck, Vlissingen, Worms and Basel. We also have waste paper warehouses for transhipment and provide services such as unloading containers, cutting and pressing rolls and so on.

Our warehouses supply customers in Germany as well as Central and Eastern Europe. They can be used to store and tranship rolls and bales with great care.



Need a quick delivery of 100 tons of pulp? We’ll take care of it! For we operate not only as a trader, but also as a logistics company. In doing so, we organise the complete transportation of your cargo – whether by truck, train or ship.

All transports are coordinated and monitored by our team in Hamburg. Larger shipments are inspected by us on site, thus ensuring the delivery of flawless products and reliable reloading of materials. When it comes to transportation, we work closely with the best international freight forwarders. We would be happy to take over the handling of banking and customs formalities for you.


Larger business undertakings sometime encounter funding limits. This is where we step in: for solid financing is part of our core business just like the river Elbe is part of Hamburg.

In special cases, we pre-finance, for example, certain raw material deliveries in order to maintain your liquidity. We take care of, among other things, prepayment with the suppliers or the financing of commercial volumes. Just ask us. We are there for our customers, meaning that we also agree on payment terms on an individual basis.